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New perspective for Beenleigh centre director

New perspective for Beenleigh centre director

In just a couple of months, 28-year-old Goodstart Beenleigh centre director Heidi Bridges will have a whole new perspective to bring to her work in the early learning arena.

She will be a new mum, and is looking forward to seeing her work through new, albeit tired, eyes.

“I’m having a boy and am hoping to take about four months off so it will be really interesting to come back to work as a mum and having a new perspective,” Ms Bridges said.

After joining Goodstart as a casual educator in Townville, Ms Bridges has experienced much of what the not-for-profit organisation has to offer, moving quickly into senior positions.

In 2008, she was appointed the second in charge at the Calala centre and worked in the nursery room. She began studying her Bachelor of Education and, in 2012, transferred within Goodstart to Queensland where she was appointed co-director at Pimpama.

She stepped back into an early childhood teacher position in 2014 and was appointed centre director at Beenleigh in 2016.

“It’s been great working as a centre director because I’ve been able to bring all of the skills I’ve learnt throughout my years at Goodstart,” Ms Bridges said.

“I already had the writing and administration skills, and I’d managed staff before so that set me up well for the new challenges I face in this position,” she said.

Ms Bridges said she loved working in an early learning environment, enjoying the chance to jump around with the children and have fun.

“I really like to the connections and the happiness that the children bring to your day, the hellos, the goodbyes, the cuddles, the recognition, and seeing the children respond and grow and feel proud of what they have achieved.

It’s really quite powerful,” Ms Bridges said. “The connections that we, as educators, build with the families bring so much joy. We have so much fun in the rooms because for us it’s all about making the children smile.”

Ms Bridges says she also enjoys the chance to jump around and “be a bit of an idiot” and while the children often wonder why “the boss” is reading them stories, she wouldn’t have it any other way.

“I still spend a lot of time in the rooms, reading to the kids and spending time with them. It just brightens up my day.”
Five things you may not know about Heidi:
  • Her baby is due on New Year’s Day.
  • She loves travelling and has visited Fiji, Thailand and New Caledonia. Europe and Tasmania are on her bucket list.
  • She enjoys visiting the Eat Street Markets at Brisbane’s Portside on Friday nights.
  • She has a Chihuahua/mini fox terrier cross called Bella who is the love of her life.
  • She takes great pride in being super organised and has often been told to relax and enjoy the moment!


Posted by Goodstart
13 October 2016

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