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Innovation and perseverance when it really matters

Innovation and perseverance when it really matters

Nothing has ever inspired innovation quite like COVID-19. We’ve seen some amazing human initiative right across the globe. As the country was reeling from the shock of a global pandemic, many families were forced to stay at home as schools closed and businesses shut their doors.
Tens of thousands of children were relying on the Goodstart team to provide familiarity and routine during an evolving period of uncertainty and stress.
While many families were forced to stay home or reduce their hours, our educators and teachers went above and beyond to ensure all children and families were supported.
Within weeks, our specialist teams had rallied to provide an online learning and activity platform Goodstart@Home to engage and support families and children who could not attend our centres.
More than 26,000 families signed up to Goodstart@Home accessing hundreds of home learning activities and opportunities when they needed it most.
But our teams went even further.
At the height of stage four lockdown in Victoria, 10,000 zoom learning sessions and calls were made each week by our incredible educators, ensuring no child was left behind.
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Posted by Goodstart
09 November 2020

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