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Safety is who we are and what we do

Safety is who we are and what we do

You should never have to worry about your safety when you go to work. At Goodstart, we have gone to great lengths to ensure our centres are safe for our people, our children and our families.
Over the past few months we have provided around1.26 million individual gloves to our 671 centres nation-wide with another 13.73 million en route, as well as 300,000 disposable and 30,000 reusable face masks and close to 20,000 litres of hand sanitiser.
We are a responsive and agile team, working hard to protect and support our people. At Goodstart, you’ll receive tools, information and advice to stay safe and keep your team members safe too, while you carry on doing your job with confidence.
As an organisation, we led the sector with our COVID-19 health and safety procedures, and stayed true to our purpose, keeping our doors open and our centres safe so that Australia’s children could continue to learn and thrive.
Goodstart also recently launched a Safety Commitment which underpins everything we do. Across the country thousands of Goodstarters have been signing up and showing their commitment to our new safety movement - “Safety starts with each of us – but at Goodstart it’s more than that. Being safe is who we are and what we do.”
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Posted by Goodstart
16 October 2020

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