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Taking safe play seriously

Taking safe play seriously

The team at Goodstart St Leonards pride themselves on being a fun-loving centre that gives children the best possible start in life.

But when it comes to health and safety, it’s not all fun and games. In fact, there’s nothing the team takes more seriously. So when Goodstart made the call that all 15,000 employees needed to get their COVID-19 vaccination to protect the health of children and in-centre teams, St Leonards were totally on board.

The team had three clear compelling reasons why they were all for ‘the jab’.

1. Keeping children safe and well

Centre Director, Madeleine Sanchez, and her team are advocates for children’s health, safety, wellbeing and development.

So while children are unable to be vaccinated, they feel the best way to keep them safe is to vaccinate the adults around them. And in an industry dedicated to caring for children, the connection seems clear.

As Joel Dela Rama, Centre Cook, puts it: “Getting vaccinated is important because I am responsible for children’s safety”.

2. Protecting each other

“Getting vaccinated made me feel secure and confident in knowing that I have done my part to protect myself, my family, the children and families in our care, and the community,” Madeleine said.

It’s a motivation shared by many in the team, who feel passionately about protecting each other.

3. A community responsibility

While committed to creating a safe and nurturing early learning centre, St Leonards also values the role the community plays in providing a secure, positive and healthy environment for children. So the team felt strongly about doing their bit for broader society.

“Getting vaccinated was important because it enabled me to feel confident to be out in the public and go to work,” Lily Herbert, Room Leader, said.

It’s a sentiment shared by fellow Room Leader, Nick Traill: “It helps to protect the broader community and to ensure we can all see our loved ones again as soon as possible.”


Posted by Goodstart
22 October 2021

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