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Safety the key for early learning at Victorian centre

Safety the key for early learning at Victorian centre

Safety at Goodstart Beaumaris isn't just about the work the educators put in. 

A committee made up of children from the pre-kinder and kindergarten rooms and senior educators has developed a collaborative plan to engage and involve everyone in coming up with safety solutions. 

Prompted by the need to remind children about playground rules, rooms rules and even educators about sitting on adults chairs on a daily basis, the plan has won the Safety and Wellbeing category at the Goodstart National Awards. 

The team held their first committee meeting over a milkshake at a local café where the children wore fluoro vests and badges with their name and role on them.

After each weekly meeting, the children would return to their rooms and relay their safety messages with a small handout of the important notes to prompt them on their return.

Centre director Desiree Menezes said the initiative had changed the centre for the better.

"The children are empowered and work collaboratively with us for the common focus of improving safety," Ms Menezes said. 

Goodstart national safe work and wellbeing manager, and award judge, Kylie Warren-Wright, said the work at Beaumaris had led to improved family engagement in practices at the centre with children discussing what safe practices meant at home.

"The best part about the entry . . . is that it didn't just meet the objective of improving safety outcomes at the centre, it also increased awareness with families and engaged children in learning," Ms Warren-Wright said.



Posted by Goodstart
09 September 2016

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