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Celebrating the achievements of our CareerTrackers interns

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Goodstart has celebrated the learning journey of seven First Nations interns through the completion of the CareerTrackers Summer Internship program last Friday.

From November 2021 to February 2022, during the summer university break, Goodstart teams from Social Inclusion to Property, IT, Professional Learning, Corporate Affairs to our Early Learning Centres, supported the university undergraduates to gain real world experience in partnership with CareerTrackers.

Goodstart has been a proud partner of CareerTrackers since 2016.  CareerTrackers is a national not-for-profit organisation with the goal of creating pathways for Indigenous university students to gain industry experience through paid internship opportunities, creating a foundation and pathway to bright professional futures.

Goodstart’s Workforce Diversity Manager Simone Miller said that she is proud to see the program continue to grow, particularly across Goodstart’s Centre Support Office (CSO) team.

“It is so exciting to have completed another internship period and to have seen the amazing projects and experiences that our interns had over the past 12 weeks,” she said.

“This internship period we had the largest group of CSO based interns than ever before, and I can’t wait to welcome them back and to grow our intern program even stronger.”

Last Friday, as a fitting way to conclude their full-time professional learning experience over the Summer, each intern shared their learnings and reflections about their personal and professional journey during a group presentation. The group presentation was attended by more than 60 Goodstarters involving managers, team members and CareerTrackers advisors. The end of internship presentation is a formal part of the CareerTrackers program that aims to support interns to build their skills and confidence in public speaking.

Speaking about her experience interning in the Goodstart Corporate Affairs Team, Emily Boland, said the experience has been invaluable.

“From the time I started 12 weeks ago to now, I feel proud of what I have achieved.

“It’s enabled me to put in practice many things I am learning at university, and it has helped build my confidence while also reinforcing this is the career path I want to take once I finish my studies.”

Goodstart Cultural Liaison Officer Melody Ingra said that she is full of pride to see these young First Nations interns joining the Goodstart community.

“Each of them has brought so much value to their teams with their own unique perspectives and lived experiences.”

“The interns' positive experience is also a reflection of the work that Goodstart has done towards Reconciliation in creating a culturally safe space for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff to gain a sense of belonging in our workplace.”

Interns will return over the June/July university break for the CareerTrackers Winter internship period.

For more information on the CareerTrackers Program please click here and to learn more about Goodstart’s reconciliation impact and progress over the past year, click here
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