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Creating a peaceful environment is goal of new educator

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Introducing a “get to know you bag” and creating quiet spaces for kindergarten children will on the agenda when Salome Cillilers joins the Goodstart Early Learning team at Adelaide St, Brisbane.

The 39-year-old mother of two says she will aim to create a calm, loving place for all children where there is “peace, love and acceptance.”

“I’m very excited about starting my new job,” Ms Cilliers said. “It’s something that I’ve been wanting to do for a long time and love teaching in early childhood.”

Ms Cilliers finished up her work at Northside Christian College as a teacher aide and launched straight into her position at Goodstart. The brand-new, purpose-built Adelaide St centre is due to open in mid June.

“I finished my teaching degree in South Africa in 2013, then moved to Italy with my husband who is an engineer,” Ms Cilliers said. “We then moved to Brisbane about two years ago. Now that we have decided to stay, I’m really looking forward to working in early childhood education.”

She has a seven-year-old girl named Shanae and a four-year-old boy called Charl, both of whom are settling well into life in Australia.

“There’s no doubt that it was a big change and it was strange at first but now we have more friends here than ever before and we are loving the lifestyle change,” Ms Cilliers said.

“I love children and love the way they run up to you and have a lot to tell you. My job will be to make sure they feel like they belong."

Creating quiet spaces for children will be a priority, as will learning about their families and where they fit in to their group.

The Adelaide St centre will care for 207 children, and has been designed as a tropical oasis in the heart of Brisbane city. It has mechanically-controlled sky lights to support the vegetable patches in the playground and rooftop garden.

It has 14 separate classrooms, catering to all age groups from babies to kindergarten, and a sensory garden where children can touch the bark of the trees and walk bare foot over stepping stones.
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