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Easing the transition to Kindergarten in WA

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At Goodstart we know that quality early education changes lives, which is why we are committed to investing in our programs and our people to ensure that children across Western Australia (WA) get the best possible start in life. 

Kindergarten in particular is an important year for children, setting them up for school life ahead. Some children will approach this new milestone with eagerness, while for others it will cause anxiety as children leave the security of their homes and enter a different environment with new rules and new faces. 

To support your child in a smooth transition to a school-based environment, Goodstart in WA is offering a Kindergarten Foundations Program to children who are due to commence Kindergarten in 2019.

The program is aimed at assisting children with the fundamental skills they need to launch them into the next phase of their learning. With high quality, age-appropriate play-based pre-kindy and kindy programs within a long daycare environment, children will learn so much more than numeracy and literacy.

Goodstart is outperforming its counterparts in terms of educational programs and practice under the national quality standards which means you can be assured that your child is receiving the best possible start to their learning journey. 

In fact, the evidence shows that access to a high quality early learning program in the year before school halves the chance of a child starting school with a developmental vulnerability, which is why Goodstart invests so highly in our education programs and quality teaching programs.

Goodstart WA business improvement manager Donna DiBartelomo said Goodstart was committed to investing in children and families to set them up for the best possible start in life.

“We know that children exposed to quality early learning before starting school have a stronger introduction and a stronger start,” she said.

“Some children need a more nurturing and gentle start to kindergarten such as what Goodstart provides, rather than a big school kindergarten.”

She said many parents were hesitant to put children into an environment they were not socially or emotionally ready for.

Goodstart’s Kindergarten Foundations program is a great option to help ease fist day jitters so when day one of school comes around you’ll have a confident and happy child. 

For more information, or to enrol in Goodstart’s Kindergarten Foundations program visit the website.
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