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We wish to express our profound sadness at the passing of Robin Crawford, the founding Chair of Goodstart Early Learning.

The foundation of  Goodstart simply would not have happened without Robin. 

His energy, passion and incredible personal commitment and generosity were at the beating heart of taking the improbable idea of acquiring the country’s largest bankrupted for profit childcare company and turning it into a not for profit social enterprise dedicated to giving Australia’s children the best possible start in life.

As the founding Chair of Goodstart,  he steered us through the critical early stages of our existence and the legacy of his drive, humility and perspective will always be with us.

Because of Robin, the life trajectory of thousands of Australian children have been profoundly changed through access to quality, inclusive early learning.

Robin was a highly successful banker and a founder of Macquarie Bank who then used his skills, contacts, time and money to give generously back to support the most disadvantaged in Australia.

As well as his role in Goodstart, many other social policy initiatives benefited from Robin’s involvement, including, the Chris O’Brien Cancer Centre, the Centre for Social Impact, Social Ventures Australia,  Lifehouse at the RPA, IVF Australia, SANE Australia, Clean Up Australia and many other organisations.

On behalf of Goodstart, we extend our deepest sympathies to Robin’s family on his passing. Australia has lost one of its most big-hearted citizens.
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