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Exciting animal encounter creates learning experience

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Children at Goodstart Hassall Grove have been treated to a visit from a mobile animal exhibition to teach them about animals that hatch from eggs.

Centre director Amanda Thorburn said after the children took part in a farm project earlier this year, they became interested in animals which come from eggs.

"Building on the interest shown from both the toddlers and preschool children, we arranged an incursion with Feature Creatures involving lizards, snakes, turtles, frogs and spiders,” Mrs Thorbur said. 

“We learnt so many amazing facts about the wonderful creatures we might find in our backyard,” she said.

“During the preschool session, the children were very actively involved! They were so excited to watch green tree frogs ‘galumph’ and use their eye balls to help them swallow crickets.

“The baby fresh water crocodile was very popular, however the albino carpet python stole the show, with all children taking turns and having a hold.”

The children also got to study spiders and scorpions, and learnt that bright colours in nature generally symbolise danger, so it’s safest to stay away.  

The children will continue their education about animals when they revisit the photos and videos from the show over the following weeks. 
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