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From dreamer to author: A Goodstart Kindergarten Teacher’s debut book

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From her earliest memories, Silvia Barragues, a Kindergarten Teacher at Goodstart East Brisbane, has possessed a profound love for books and a limitless imagination. Now, she has reached an extraordinary milestone of becoming a published author with her heart-warming children's book titled 'Welcome Home'.

With a Bachelor of Early Childhood Education, a Master of Teaching (Primary), and nearly a decade of experience in early learning, Silvia shares her journey of creating a captivating story and love of teaching.

"Ever since I was a young girl, I kept a notebook filled with stories that began with scribbles and evolved into words," Silvia said.

"As a child, I cherished the moments of reading stories to my little brother, witnessing the sparkle in his eyes filled with wonder.

“Welcome Home was one such tale that I shared with him when I was around 12 or 13 years old. However, it wasn't until the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic that I finally found the time to sit down and write this story, expanding and refining it.”

Her debut book, born from her childhood experiences, revolves around a little girl Matilda who discovers a discarded clown doll in the park. This heart-warming tale takes readers on a journey of compassion, belonging, and the power of reusing toys to give them a second life.

“As I reflected on the challenges we faced during the pandemic, I knew I had a unique opportunity to create a story that would resonate with children and teach them important life values. It became my mission to weave these values into a heartfelt narrative that would leave a lasting impact.”

Recognising the importance of empathy and kindness, Silvia crafted a gentle reminder for readers to care for one another. With meticulous attention to the mother-daughter relationship and the girl's journey towards independence, the book serves as a catalyst for teaching values, fostering independence, and nurturing a compassionate mindset among children.

Silvia's journey from doodles to a fully-fledged book is a testament to her unwavering dedication and belief in the power of storytelling. As a teacher, she takes immense pride in watching her classroom of budding writers unleash their creativity, bringing their stories to life based on the images they have drawn.
 “I love being able to share my love of reading with the children of Goodstart East Brisbane. Literacy is a big part of the world around us.”
 More than literacy, the day of the life of Silvia at Goodstart East Brisbane features many teachable moments and playful, intentional teaching.

“Recognising the vital role of play in a child's development, I tailor my teaching to each child's unique interests, creating engaging learning experiences. Whether this is during transitions, activity set-ups, or fostering their sense of responsibility, every moment in the classroom becomes an opportunity for discovery and growth.”

Silvia shared what she loves about teaching and working at Goodstart East Brisbane.

“As a Kindergarten teacher, I love connecting with families and supporting children’s development from their every first day in my classroom until their transition to school.”

“Goodstart East Brisbane is more than an early learning centre, it has a heart, it is like a second home for me, other educators, children and their families.”
To learn more about Silvia’s book, check it out here, learn about teaching at Goodstart here, or learn more about Goodstart East Brisbane here.

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