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Goodstart's Victorian Kindergarten Program more affordable than ever

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Goodstart Early Learning’s high quality kindergarten program has never been more affordable or accessible to Victorian families.

Changes to the Child Care Subsidy system, along with Goodstart’s new daily sessions mean Victorian children can access up to 18 hours per week of subsidy for a kindergarten program which is three hours more than the current level of support from the State Government (for families earning less than $350,000 a year).  

Combined with Goodstart’s new daily sessions, where parents can choose nine, 10 or 12 hour sessions, kindergarten is more accessible than ever for Victorian children. 

The new daily sessions will help families ensure they don’t run out of eligible, subsidised hours and potentially have to pay full fees.  

Unlike other sessional kindergartens, Goodstart’s new daily sessions mean parents can choose the hours that best suit them and their family lifestyle and they might even be able to minimise their child care costs. 

Goodstart Early Learning Bundoora Bendoran Crescent Early Childhood Teacher Kate Fisher said the year before school was a crucial time in a child’s development- and a positive kindergarten experience goes a long way to ensuring success in their lives ahead. 

 “The advantages of a great kindergarten program includes increased well-being and the development of emotional and social skills that help children to thrive throughout their school lives,” she said. 

“Kindergarten is also an essential way to help children develop a love of learning that they can use in primary school, high school and throughout the rest of their lives- it all starts at kindergarten.”

Run by qualified and experienced early childhood teachers, Goodstart’s Kindergarten Program provides families with the opportunity to choose the hours that suits their family schedules and runs 52 weeks of the year, so families don’t have to worry about school holiday care.

“From a parent’s point of view, one of the benefits of the Goodstart Kindergarten Program is the flexibility of hours, without compromising on a quality program,” said Ms Fisher.

“While sessional kindergartens can be good, the hours and term times can be restrictive to working parents, which is why a lot of feedback we receive from parents is about how our flexible program allows them to meet work commitments while also giving their children access to a quality kindergarten program.” 

Quality is also an important aspect of the Goodstart Kindergarten program which, like other sessional kindergarten programs is developed in accordance with the National Quality Framework and the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework. 

“One of the key benefits and differences with the Goodstart Kindergarten program from a teacher quality perspective, is how Goodstart supports its Kindergarten teachers,” Ms Fisher said.

As well as the Goodstart Teachers Program, all Goodstart early childhood teachers have access to ongoing professional development and networking and working with other teachers.

For more information, or to enrol in Goodstart’s Kindergarten campaign contact; 1800222543

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