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Higher Child Care Subsidy (CCS) for families with siblings

Government and sector

On 7 March, the government introduced higher subsidies for families who have two or more children aged under five in early learning and care, with their CCS rate increasing by 30 percent for the second child, up to a maximum of 95 percent. 

Goodstart Early Learning CEO Julia Davison described the decision as great news for families.

“This will make a real difference for over 250,000 families with two or more children under five where there is no financial incentive to return to work because of high out of pocket costs,” she said.

“These are welcome changes that will make a real difference to removing barriers to returning to work or increasing work days that many families face,” Ms Davison said.

Eligible Australian families will receive an average of over $2,200 in savings a year.

Take the example of the Browne family who have two children in childcare four days a week. The Browne family previously spent $703 a fortnight on childcare, however from 7 March, the new childcare subsidy gives them a further 30% of subsidy for their youngest child, saving the Browne family over $262 a fortnight. Their youngest child will attend childcare for as little as $11 a day.

This is a great opportunity for eligible families to increase the number of days their children attend early learning and still pay less out of pocket costs.

Use our estimator to find out how much Child Care Subsidy you may be eligible for.

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