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Kindergarten teacher inspiring children to be masters of curiosity

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For Goodstart kindergarten teacher Asha Campbell, no day is ever same in her class of 22 children.  It is a child’s limitless curiosity about the world and their place in it that inspires her every day.
“What I love most about my profession, apart from helping and watching children to grow and develop, is that no day is ever the same. We live in a rapidly changing world, and as the world changes, so must we,” Ms Campbell said.
“This challenge is extremely relevant and significant for our sector where we are helping to shape the minds of our future generations.
“Children are naturally curious, they are forever asking questions and wondering about things.
The longer children stay curious, the more they will continue to explore and discover and to learn.
“We know from research that what children learn in an early learning and care environment is taken on by their families, and therefore our role as early childhood teachers is so vital and has the potential to create large-scale shifts in society’s attitudes and thinking.
Already a Bachelor-qualified teacher with a Master of Education in Early Childhood Teaching, Ms Campbell has plans to continue her studies in the future to deepen her knowledge in the area of behaviour guidance, a growing area of interest for her.
 “I started my career in secondary teaching and it wasn’t until I had my own children that I became inspired to work in early childhood. In the future, I would also like to complete a graduate certificate and become an expert in behavioural guidance approaches or autism studies, which is offered at Griffith University,” Ms Campbell said.
“I love working with Goodstart and I imagine myself here for many more years – it is a wonderful organisation where I feel encouraged and supported. After three and a half years, I am still learning so much.  
“I love to indulge children’s curiosity about the world and am forever inspired by what children can teach us,” she said.
Ms Campbell works at Goodstart Coorparoo – Tiber Street and was recently been nominated by one of her families to enter Australian Family 2017 Early Education and Care Awards as Early Childhood Educator of the Year.
“Asha is a positive role model for young children. Not only does she relate to them, she also recognises individual learning styles; behavioural patterns and individual interests.

"She harnesses their interests and develops educational opportunities that allows children to explore things further through a variety of mediums, in a fun and interactive learning environment,” said one Goodstart parent.
“I love that Asha has been my child’s educator and carer for over a year now and trust that she makes a safe, caring environment for her to grow.”
The 2017 Early Education and Care Awards finalists will be announced on April 26 with state winners announced on May 23. 
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