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Careers and employment

We believe learning is a lifelong journey. That’s why we’re committed to the development of our people. Whether you’re just starting in early childhood education or an experienced professional wanting to advance, we have the right opportunities for you. Read on as four of our team members share their impactful stories of personal and professional growth.


Nurturing new leaders

Adam Angwin, Area Manager - Central Coast, NSW (part of the Goodstart family since 2011):
“Goodstart has always encouraged my professional development. They supported me as I obtained my Diploma of Early Childhood Education and undertook further university studies. They also offer financial support for resources and textbooks, and there’s the opportunity to go on secondments.
“I’ve built my pedagogical knowledge through internal and external professional development. And my leadership training has been amazing, too. I’ve had access to a coach and leadership assessment tools, which have helped me become a better leader and understand how to build high-performing teams.
“I think the fact that Goodstart is a not-for-profit organisation makes a big difference. There is a real investment in us as professionals, which has a real impact on the learning outcomes for the children at our centres.”

A hands-on learning experience

Paige Fisher, Trainee at Goodstart Ingle Farm (part of the Goodstart family since 2020)
“I’m currently studying my Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care. Working in the industry while studying means I get hands-on experience and opportunities other trainees might not get. I like to have my own little projects, and the Educators and Centre Director here support and trust me to create good experiences for the children.
“Training has been a little different with COVID, but our trainer is on standby if you need to call or email her a question. The staff at my centre are always willing to help, too - they’ve really made studying easier and taken the stress out of it! I usually have one paid study day a month. I tend to spend my study days in the centre rather than at home because every resource I need is there.
“I’ve even been part of our centre’s Reconciliation Action Plan. It was so exciting when that was approved - it was something I worked really hard on. I’ve also worked on our centre’s Quality Improvement Plan, so I’m constantly learning new things. I don’t think I’d be at the level I am now if I was to study away from the centre.”

Professional programs

Maria Baron Ramirez, Educational Leader, Goodstart Nightcliff (part of the Goodstart family since 2016):
“One Goodstart program I really valued participating in was Family Connections. It’s a socially inclusive program that helps Educators and leaders create enhanced outcomes for children and families facing challenging circumstances. The program covers speech pathology, occupational therapy, psychology and brain development.
“I’ve also benefited from leadership training and have access to an online platform where I can connect with Goodstart leaders in other states. That helps when you need some advice and to chat with someone - you never feel alone.” 

Supported to succeed

Tammy O’Hare, Educational Coordinator, Goodstart Perth Kaadidjiny Maya
(part of the Goodstart family since 2009):
“Goodstart has invested so much in my leadership development. When I first became an Educational Leader, they really set me up for success. You’re never put into a role and left to your own devices - they build you up to the capacity where you can succeed.
“I’ve had training in all sorts of areas, including how to support children with autism and early language acquisition. I’ve participated in the MOVERS professional development program, which focuses on children’s physical movement to support healthy brain development. We learnt from Professor Iram Siraj, from the Institute of Education in London, and Sue Robb, an international thought leader in early childhood pedagogy during that program. Then, we went out into the field and put our knowledge to use. So, you don’t just listen to people speak - at Goodstart, you get the tools and support you need to embed your learnings in your centre.
“The amount of frameworks, documents and tools we have access to is amazing. Goodstart truly does empower us to be the best Educators we can be.”  


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