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Mix-and-match kindy gives Rosie the best start for school

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Angela and her 4-year-old daughter Rosie are getting the best of both worlds by combining government and Goodstart Early Learning Kindergarten programs to prepare for school.
Both options have their advantages for Angela and Rosie, who enjoys and benefits from mixing the structure of government kindy with the fun and flexibility of Goodstart.
“We go to the government kindy two days a week and Goodstart 3 days a week to support Rosie to get ready for school,” Angela explained.
“It’s worked really well, as both centres are on the same page with the learning, but have different activities.”
Rosie has special learning needs, which are specially catered for at Goodstart Plympton in South Australia. The Teacher in the kindy room understands Rosie and her needs, and sets up activities to suit her. Thanks to the Goodstart team, Rosie can now count and write her name.
But most importantly to Angela, Rosie loves it.
“Rosie wasn’t happy with where we were going before. As she got older, she was getting bored there. Now she’s really thriving. She loves to go to kindy and has made lots of friends”.
As a mum working part time, the additional offerings provided by Goodstart - like meals, school holiday care, and longer days - are very important to Angela.
“With government kindy you have to be there before 9:30am and pick them up by 3pm. I like Goodstart hours, it helps with flexibility for my work,” Angela said.
“And I was amazed when the dentist came to the centre!”
It’s these added extras, along with a great daily experience, that have Angela and Rosie getting up earlier to go to Goodstart instead of a more local provider. To them, the benefits are well worth it.
“The centre is really supporting me and Rosie. I can’t thank them enough. I definitely recommend Goodstart, especially if you have children with special needs”.
Why Goodstart Kindergarten?
  • Play-based learning programs based on the Early Years Learning Framework and designed and delivered by Bachelor-qualified teachers
  • Individualised care and education, recognising each child’s unique learning journey
  • Flexibility for families with longer hours, five days a week
  • More opportunity for children to learn, build relationships, and prepare for school
  • Added extras to make life easier, like meals, extra-curricular activities, and hats and water bottles

Enrolments are open for the 2022 Goodstart Kindergarten Program

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