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No child should miss out on high quality early learning

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Research consistently shows that all children benefit from attending high quality early learning, and the evidence of this is even stronger for vulnerable children.

As Australia’s largest and only national provider of early learning, we take our responsibility of raising quality standards and ensuring no child gets left behind very seriously.

In addition to being a not for profit organisation, which allows us to reinvest heavily in the areas that make the most difference to outcomes for children, we’re also a social enterprise. This means that we exist purely to achieve our vision of giving Australia’s children the best possible start in life.

Business discipline and social purpose
We’re committed to raising standards in the childcare sector. Nationally, 83% of our centres now meet or exceed the National Quality Standard, which is well above the industry average.

Our drive for quality and inclusion is deeply rooted in our very existence. Goodstart was founded by four of Australia’s leading community sector organisations, who along with dozens of social purpose investors purchased over 600 childcare centres after the collapse of ABC Learning.

At the time, it was described as a “once-in-a-generation opportunity to buy a significantly scaled child care chain and run it with business discipline for social purpose”, and that sentiment is still alive and well today.

Quality and inclusion means all children win
Goodstart centres around the country have pursued this vision for high quality and inclusion with a passion, and few more so than Goodstart Glenorchy.

Earlier this year, the centre was formally assessed as exceeding all seven National Quality Areas, an achievement shared by just 11% of centre-based services nationwide.

In addition to offering an exceptionally high quality early learning experience for children, the centre also demonstrates a strong social purpose and inclusion agenda.

Having noticed an increase in children displaying challenging behaviour, Glenorchy centre director Larissa Bellette used Goodstart’s in-house Family Connections training program to develop strategies to reach out to families and secure better outcomes for children.

“To support children with behavioural issues, we needed to understand what was happening outside of our centre environment,” Larissa said.

“This involves working closely with families and the educators in our centre to identify the triggers of certain behaviours and develop strategies which make the child feel more secure.

“At the base of this is the circle of security concept, which provides a safe place for children to return to when they feel overwhelmed, hurt, or insecure before venturing out when they feel confident.”

Learnings from the Family Connections has benefitted children directly, and it’s also proved invaluable for the centre’s educators who now spend less time correcting behaviours and have more space to focus on delivering quality educational experiences.

“We’re now able to support families in more meaningful ways, and children in the centre are now far more settled and engaged in their interactions with our educators which is a great outcome,” Larissa said.
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