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Pre-kindergarten program sets Ezra up for kindy

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We’ve all heard about the importance of getting our children ready for school. But what about getting your child ready for kindergarten?

As early learning becomes a major focus in Australia, and studies show that much of a child’s brain development is completed before they even start school, it’s time to start thinking about preparing your child for kindergarten.

At Goodstart Early Learning centres in Western Australia, the Kindergarten Foundations Program has been established to prepare three-year-olds for their transition to kindy.

Featuring high quality, age-appropriate play-based pre-kindy programs within a long early learning environment, children learn much more than numeracy and literacy.

Father of two Edward Haidor said the Goodstart East Perth Kindergarten Foundations Program had been a great experience for his son, four-year-old Ezra.

Ezra attended the program last year in preparation for kindergarten at Highgate Primary School this year. He also still attends Goodstart’s kindergarten program two days a week.

“Ezra was three when he did the Kindergarten Foundations Program and it was a great experience for him,” Mr Haidor said.  “It really took him out of his shell and was a great program for his social skills and his confidence.”

Mr Haidor said prior to undertaking the pre-kindy class at East Perth, Ezra was already showing an understanding of numeracy and literacy but needed to be exposed to different social situations and experiences.

“By the time he went to kindergarten at Highgate primary school this year he was a lot more prepared than many of his peers,” Mr Haidor said. “I think he would have found it difficult if he had gone straight to kindy from a home environment.

“As great as parents and grandparents are at caring for and teaching children the skills they need, a quality early learning environment has a lot to offer.”

Early years education is a key priority at Goodstart with pre-kindy programs providing learning environments that focus on play-based intentional learning.

Mr Haidor said his second child Arden, who is one and a half years old, would follow in Ezra’s footsteps, attending the pre-kindy and kindy programs at the centre.

“It’s really good to see the boys mixing with others and spending time with people outside of the home environment. I see only benefits in our experiences.”

If you would like to find out more about Goodstart’s Kindergarten Foundations program, you can visit or call 1800 222 543.
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