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Protecting our most vulnerable

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Goodstart West Pymble’s cultural and linguistic diversity makes the centre a home-like and inclusive environment for educators, children, and their families.

But while everyone at the centre has their different values, beliefs and philosophies, one thing the teaching team have in common is a commitment to the health and safety of the children they care for. That’s why the educators at West Pymble have readily had their COVID-19 vaccination.

Protecting ourselves, protecting children

With children unable to be vaccinated, the team feel the best way to keep the 34 children in their care safe, is to vaccinate the adults around them.

“Getting vaccinated is important because we are not only doing it for ourselves but also protecting the vulnerable people in our community, like our lovely little ones,” Doris Jiang, Educator, said.

Making an informed decision

With over 70,000 children attending, and 15,000 team members as well contractors at 670 centres nationwide, Goodstart decided that mandatory employee vaccination was the only way to keep both children and employees safe.

However the team at West Pymble, like Assistant Director Joanna Horn, made their own informed decisions on getting the jab.

“I gave myself some time to think, read and explore different aspects of the vaccine and went and got it straight away,” Joanne said.

“Getting vaccinated gave me peace of mind about doing that extra little bit to keep myself, my young children and family, my teammates, and of course, our little darlings here at work and in the community, safe. Our protection is their protection.”

Being a part of something bigger

The responsibility of being such an integral part of the community is taken seriously by the Goodstart team.

“It is important to me to know that I have participated in building a stronger and healthier community,” Da Na Yang, Educator, said.

Sue Kim, Trainee, agreed. “It is my role as a member of society and a direct worker with children and families to do what I can to stop the spread of COVID-19,” she said.

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