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Putting children first during challenging times

Careers and employment

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve made sure no child misses out on learning opportunities, even during lock down.
Our teams worked hard to find places for every essential services family, as well as children at heightened risk of vulnerability.
Every day, we have teams of specialists providing targeted support and training for our centres, and our families - where it’s needed most.
Our social inclusion team make sure children with additional needs, those experiencing trauma, children with a disability and families experiencing vulnerability have the professional (and personal) support they need to grow and thrive.
We have a network of centres located in some of Australia’s most disadvantaged communities providing enhanced, educational and allied health services – with the assistance of child and family practitioners, speech pathologists, occupational therapists and other professionals.
At Goodstart, we make sure no child misses out by creating environments that ensure all children, families and Goodstarters feel welcome and safe. We’re deeply committed to inclusion and diversity.
We exist purely to ensure all children have access to early learning and the opportunity to thrive. Why? Because we’re for children, not for profit.
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