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Questions to ask when choosing childcare

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Choosing the right childcare centre for your family can be difficult. That’s why we’ve compiled this handy checklist for you to use when deciding where to enrol your child.

Here are some considerations to observe or ask about when you’re on your centre tour:
  • Does the centre have a happy and energetic vibe?
  • Are the staff passionate, qualified and experienced?
  • Does the centre have a plan to ensure families receive regular communication about their child’s development?
  • Does the educational program cater to the needs of children at different stages of development?
  • What are the steps or processes taken to ensure children’s safety and wellbeing?
  • How is the environment designed to stimulate learning?
  • How does the centre work with families to understand needs, routines or cultural practices?
  • Do staff receive regular training and professional development opportunities?
If you can find a childcare centre that ticks all the boxes, you are already on the way to having a happy, supported child who thrives in an early learning environment.

At Goodstart Early Learning, we take every one of these points seriously. Find your nearest early learning centre online or call us on 1800 222 543 to see what Goodstart can offer your family. 
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