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Supporting our people to be the best they can be

Careers and employment

At Goodstart, we want our people to love what they do, so we’re proud to share our commitment to our health and wellbeing initiatives.
We seek regular feedback from our people – we want to know how they’re feeling because we use these insights to make improvements.
We employ passionate professionals who tailor programs and ongoing support, helping each and every Goodstarter to turn up feeling safe, cared for and empowered to be their best and most authentic self.
Along with regular communication and wellbeing “check-ins”, our National Safety and Wellbeing team provide live, interactive webinars, covering a range of topics and issues.
We’ve also launched our own multifaceted wellbeing platform and have committed to continually growing our culture of wellbeing and enhancing our people experience!  
We’re also proud to partner with organisations that care for our team. From free 24/7 independent counselling support for our people and their families, to financial assistance from Good Shepherd, we have every staff member covered when times get tough.
This year, we also offered our hardworking centre-based team members an extra day of “thank you leave” to acknowledge their dedication to the children and families that depended on them during the pandemic.
The wellbeing of our people has also been at the heart of our COVID-19 response. We have worked hard to ensure that good communication, transparency and targeted initiatives ensured our teams were supported emotionally and kept safe during the pandemic.
Every happy and safe Goodstarter is important to us. Click here to find out more.
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