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Careers and employment

Shaveta knew Goodstart was the right choice for her to gain her practical experience whilst completing her studies in early childhood education. She reflects on what has been possible with the support she has received from her Centre Director.

Goodstart has given me the opportunity to develop my career with the peace of mind knowing my own children are in good hands , as they also attend Goodstart Hendra. Having the ability to enroll my children into the centre has made it much easier for me to progress at work.

I completed my vocational hours for my studies at the centre... it was my first and only choice. I went in and asked for a placement and was lucky they were able to provide me with the opportunity. I had wonderful experience during my pracital placement, so it was a natural choice to return to work here after the birth of my first baby.

The trust and belief I built during my placement helped me secure a casual position, which led to a fixed-term contract, and then a permanent position. With the encouragement and support of my Centre Director, Michelle Pill, I have moved from assistant roles to an Educator.

I have been very lucky - during my six-and-a-half years at Goodstart I have been able to develop my career and expand my own family as the children I cared for progressed from toddlers to kindergarten age. With the support I received, I was able to gain further experience and was promoted to Senior Educator.

It is incredibly special to have been a constant presence through the early education of a group of children. I love rotating through all age groups and being given choices about what age groups I’d like to work with.

Goodstart has also played a large role in my own family. The early learning discounts available to employees have made a big difference to us, and it’s so convenient not to do multiple drop-offs and pick-ups! Having meals prepared daily following our vegetarian diet is also a great time-saver. I wouldn’t go anywhere else!

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