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Teacher aims to help indigenous children achieve their goals

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When early learning teacher Jessica Bryant takes up her new career as an early learning teacher at Goodstart Adelaide St, she will look forward to helping those who "need a little extra help".

The 28-year-old, who has joined the Adelaide St team, will teach at the largest centre to be opened by Goodstart Early Learning, with its 207 places. 

“I did well at school and got into university on my own as an Aboriginal student and no helped me. Now I want to help other Indigenous children achieve their goals," Ms Bryant said. 

With more than 10 years’ experience in the sector, and two children of her own, Ms Bryant is looking forward to joining Goodstart and mentoring kindergarten children, especially those who may need a little extra help.

“I love helping children who really need that little bit extra,” Ms Bryant said. “I started teaching because I wanted to work with Indigenous children and ensure they know that they can do anything out there – anything is possible.

“My aim is to understand what children are passionate about and encourage and mentor them to grow those interests.”

Ms Bryant has spent time working in childcare centres through south-east Queensland, and, while studying at the Queensland University of Technology, worked as a research assistant with children in Rockhampton, Woorabinda and Cherbourg.

“My role was to help researchers get children engaged in activities,” Ms Bryant said. “I did a lot of travelling at the time, and also did inspirational talks at high schools and primary schools.

“It was a great experience.”

When she joins the Adelaide St team at the end of the month, she will bring with her plenty of positivity and a happy personality.

“It will be great to form the team together and help and support each other,” she said.

In between working with children Ms Bryant loves to travel, visiting Tasmania and New Zealand to “climb mountains”.

“I love to travel, seeing new things, hiking and climbing mountains and have done a lot of that in Tasmania and New Zealand and more locally with my children.

“My kids love it and that sort of activity was not part of my childhood so it’s wonderful to do it now.”

The Adelaide St centre, which is due to open in mid 2017, has been designed as a tropical oasis in the heart of Brisbane city, with mechanically-controlled sky lights to support the vegetable patches in the playground and rooftop garden.

It has 14 separate classrooms, catering to all age groups from babies to kindergarten, and a sensory garden where children can touch the bark of the trees and walk bare foot over stepping stones. 
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