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Three or more in a row helps them grow – the benefits of attending consecutive days

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There is widespread research and consensus among early learning experts that children benefit greatly from attending at least three or more days a week of high-quality early learning.

But a lesser-known fact among families is the positive outcomes that can be achieved when children attend these days consecutively.

Sue Robb, OBE, Goodstart’s Chief Children’s Officer says the benefits for children attending consecutive days include:

1. Giving children consistency in their experiences and learning from one day to the next

2. Building stable friendship groups

3. Supporting children and families in building a predictable routine

4. Helping children to settle into their Centre

5. Allowing children to build ongoing relationships with their peers

6. Preparing them for a five- day school week

Sue says the evidence is supportive of children attending ECEC regularly in order to give children the all important consistency that they need to flourish and thrive in their learning and development.

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