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The importance of being Kinder ready

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Research shows that children learn more effectively in environments they know and feel comfortable in. This is why enrolling your child now ahead of Kindergarten next year will help settle them into a familiar routine and make strong and fun connections with their educators and friends.

Sue Robb OBE, Goodstart Pedagogy and Practice General Manager says there are many known benefits for children who progress from early learning through to kindergarten in the same long day environment.  

“Children who continue to attend the same service into their Kindergarten year experience greater comfort and security, and consistency, having seamlessly transitioned into the year surrounded by familiar friends and faces,” she said.

“Continuing their learning in the same centre enables children to transition into  Kindergarten with confidence - knowing that their trusted friends and educators are right there beside them, ready to help launch them into that all important year before school.”

Ms Robb says all the evidence points to a more successful transition to school when children attend at least two years of early learning in the years before formal schooling begins.

“Two years of high-quality early learning has been proven to have a greater impact than just attending for one year – two years gives them the best chance to learn, grow and thrive, now and throughout school and later life.  

In addition to the ongoing learning and development benefits, attending a pre-kindy program really does make moving into kindergarten that much easier. The environment and people are already so familiar, children start kindergarten feeling confident and knowing what to expect. This means they are more than ready to make the most of the year to come.

Goodstart Early Learning Bundoora Early Childhood Teacher, Kate Fisher explains that continuity is huge benefit for families enrolled in Goodstart’s Pre-Kinder Program. 

“Often if families have attended our centre before they start Kindergarten, we have already built a relationship and connection with them,” she said.

“A lot of our families love that sense of community that’s already established by the time their children are in our Kindergarten Program.”

The year leading up to Kindy is all about routine, friendships and familiarity, so why wait? 

Enrol your child now so they are ready to launch into kindergarten next year.

Call 1800 222 543 or visit to secure your spot now. 

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