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Three incredible reasons to teach Kindergarten in Victoria

Careers and employment

The Victorian Government is introducing great incentives for teachers to make the switch to teaching kindergarten for 3 year-olds.

Did you know the Victorian Government is introducing 3 year-old kindergarten in 2022? 

Studies show that two years of quality kindergarten are better than one. But the government recognises that quality kindergarten can’t be provided without employing the best educators in the right places to teach these programs. So they are investing in our children’s future by offering incentives for eligible qualified early childhood teachers who take on new roles with Goodstart. 

It’s both a great idea and a great opportunity if you’ve been thinking about getting back into teaching: over the next 10 years, Victoria will need an extra 6,000 early childhood teachers and educators. You are in demand! 

Search the Teacher positions we are currently recruiting for.

If that piques your interest, we think there’s 3 big reasons why being a Kindergarten Teacher for 3 year-olds in Victoria is a great career move:

1. Extra bonuses for the valuable work you do

At Goodstart, we already pay a bonus to kinder teachers for their first two years. But the Victorian Government Individual and Location Incentives on offer make that package even more rewarding.

It could mean you get $9,000 for taking up kindergarten teaching again. Or it could mean you receive up to $21,000 for accepting a role at selected centres. Or it could mean you get both! And there is relocation support of up to $6,000 available if you move more than 200km for your new position.

In addition, at Goodstart we  offer salaries for Kindergarten teachers that are on par with State Government primary school salaries, two personal wellbeing days a year, and up to up to six hours a fortnight of non-contact time. With the extra bonuses from the Victorian Government, it makes a lot of sense to teach Kindergarten at Goodstart!

2. Wrap-around support for teachers

The Victorian State Government is breaking new ground by offering funded 3 year-old kindergarten. At Goodstart, as a 3 year-old Teacher you’ll be completely supported to ensure you are set up to successfully deliver high-quality education specifically designed to meet the learning and development needs of three-year-olds.

At Goodstart, you’ll also benefit from our huge range of professional learning and development experiences and resources. 

3. Be a part of a something big - shaping children’s futures

As a 3 year-old Kindergarten Teacher, you will bring the fun and learning of kinder to a whole new age group of children for the first time, providing guidance and education when it matters most. 

High-quality educators leading the program will make all the difference. So if you’re missing that sense of purpose every day, helping children learn and grow, this could be the sign that it’s time for you to go back to teaching.

If you want to know more about becoming a Goodstart Kindergarten Teacher for 3 year-olds in Victoria, contact or 1800 222 543. 
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