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Boosting end of day conversations

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Sound familiar? It’s a conversation that can leave parents wishing for a crystal ball.


Goodstart families never have to wonder how their child is going, thanks to our private, online community, Storypark. Families can log in anytime, anywhere to get the latest news about their child’s learning. Similar to Facebook, families nominate who can see their account, making it a safe and easy way to keep grandparents, extended family, and friends up-to-date.


Goodstart parent, Linda, shared her experience:


“We get daily updates from Carley’s centre,” Linda said.


“I love reading about what she’s been doing, because she doesn’t tell us much. We were surprised to learn she enjoys activities like colouring and singing, which we weren’t doing at home. So now we do. We also get to see which books her teachers have read to her so we can buy the same books, like The Hungry Caterpillar, which we now know is one of her favourites.”


At Goodstart, we work closely with our families to support each child’s culture, traditions and interests.  Using Storypark makes it easier to stay in regular communication. Our families use the platform to tell us about their child’s latest interests and important happenings. Our educators post updates about our learning programs and each child’s progress. It takes the pressure off families at drop-off and pick-up times, when it can be difficult to talk to an educator.


“Carley’s teachers share the daily program and their observations about how she’s going,” Linda said.


“It’s a much easier way to keep up-to-date with what she’s learning and how she’s going.”


Linda says they are also really lucky because some of Carley’s Teachers speak Cantonese like her parents.


“It means Carley’s grandparents can be part of her learning network too.”

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