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Fees and rebates

Child care fee assistance

The Australian Government may provide financial assistance towards the cost of your child’s care. If you would like to access this assistance, please let your Centre Director know the following information:

  • Your Customer Reference Number (CRN—issued to you by the Family Assistance Office).
  • Your child’s Customer Reference Number (issued to you by the Family Assistance Office).
  • Your date of birth (CRN Holder).
  • Your child’s date of birth.

This information will be provided to the Department of Education and training and validated against their records to determine if you can receive a Child Care Rebate (CCR) and/or Child Care Benefit (CCB). If you do not have a CRN please contact the Family Assistance Office by calling 13 61 50, or by visiting one of their offices.

VIEW Child Care Benefit (CCB)

CCB is a payment from the Government that will provide financial assistance towards the cost of your child’s care and reduce the cost of your total child care fees. It is available to you if you are a parent, foster parent or grandparent with a child in your care who is attending a child care program approved by the Government.

There are certain requirements you need to meet to be eligible for CCB. Until your CCB has been approved and has commenced, we will require full payment of your child’s early learning and care fees.

Parents need to inform the Family Assistance Office of any changes that may affect their assessment including changes to your family income or changes to your hours of care. Please let your Centre Director know if your child’s siblings are attending another approved early learning program and you would like to claim the multiple Child Care Benefit percentage.

VIEW Child Care Rebate (CCR)

The CCR is additional assistance if you are using approved child care for work, study or training–related reasons. The CCR covers 50 per cent of your out–of– pocket cost for approved child care, and it does have a limit. To learn more about CCR, please contact the Family Assistance Office or visit the website at www.familyassist.gov.au.

There are additional forms of childcare assistance which you may be eligible for. Please speak to your Centre Director, Centrelink, or your child protection worker for more information.

VIEW Fees and payments
  • Your child’s attendance is booked and charged on a daily basis. At most centres part-day care is not available.
  • An initial booking fee may be charged when your position is confirmed. This payment is only charged once and is not applicable if you transfer between Goodstart Early Learning centres.
  • Fees will apply for booked days that your child does not attend due to illness, holidays or public holidays. Goodstart Early Learning centres do not operate on public holidays.
  • Two weeks advance payment of full fees is required before your child starts and must be maintained during your child’s attendance. The only exception is if you pay via Ezidebit on a weekly cycle. Please see your Centre Director for more information.
  • If your account falls in arrears, your Centre Director will work with you to plan your payments to bring your account back to two weeks in advance.
  • There are several payment options including Ezidebit, BPAY, and Eftpos/ Credit Card, please see your Centre Director for more information.
  • We provide Statements weekly and these can also be requested at any time from your Centre Director.
VIEW Entitlements when your child is absent

Initial Absence Days

Like most early learning centres and preschools, your child’s place is reserved when they are away so the day still needs to be paid for. Each financial year, the Family Assistance Office will pay your child’s CCB and CCR entitlements for the first 42 absence days. These absences can be for any reason, including public holidays, and the initial 42 days must be used before any additional absences can be claimed (please see below).

Additional Absence Days

You may receive CCB and CCR for absence days after the initial 42 days each financial year. For all absences beyond the first 42 absent days, CCB and CCR will only be paid if you are able to provide evidence to demonstrate the absence has occurred under permitted circumstances. There is no limit on these days, but you will be required to provide documentation to support the absence.

Exceptional Absence Days

You may receive CCB and CCR for an additional 20 exceptional absence days after the initial 42 absence days per financial year. These entitlements can be claimed without evidence if documentation is provided for 31 of the initial 42 absence days.

VIEW Public holidays

Our centres are closed on public holidays, however fees still apply if any of your usual days of attendance fall on a public holiday. CCB and CCR will usually be paid for public holidays, unless your initial 42 absence days have already been used.

VIEW Holidays

Normal fees apply for all absences (including Public Holidays) that fall on a usual day of attendance unless the family provides written notice two weeks in advance to apply the holiday discount on the full fee. Holiday discount is available for up to four weeks of care per financial year. Under exceptional circumstances, holiday discount may be applied outside these requirements at the discretion of the Centre Director. Fee payments must be up to date to receive holiday discount.

VIEW Withdrawal from care

Families provide two week’s written notice to cancel your child’s booked attendance at Goodstart. The two weeks’ advance payment we hold will be applied to your notice period. If your child does not attend their last usual days, full fees will apply. This means that CCB and CCR will not be applied.

VIEW Changes to your child’s regular booked days

We will do everything possible to support the changing needs of families and their children. Two weeks’ written notice is required to change or cancel your child’s regular booked days of attendance. If your child does not attend their last sessions of care, you will be charged full fees for the days they are absent.

Swap days

If you would like to swap your child’s regular days, and the alternative days you want are available in the same week, this can be offered at your Centre Director’s discretion. We will notify you during the week prior if we are able to accommodate your request, as vacancies cannot be confirmed until this time. If your child does not attend on the requested alternative days, or if the requested alternative days are not available and your child does not attend on their regular days, your usual charges will apply for the absence.

Additional days

Additional days can be requested at any time and taken immediately if available. If unavailable, your request for additional days can be added to your centre’s waiting list.

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