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How to make a time capsule with your children that tells the story of 2020

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2020 has been a year like no other. At Goodstart it has reminded us what we’re for – never letting anything stop early learning! We’re for a warm hug for every child who needs one, and for taking the time to help them understand the world around them. 

In the future, your children may be telling their great-grandchildren about what it was like to live through the challenges of 2020. What better way to reflect on the past year than to make a family time capsule that you can open in ten or twenty years’ time!

What you will need:

  • A medium-sized box or container, such as a shoebox
  • Textas, pens, paint, stickers, or whatever you have on hand to decorate your time capsule – see our 2020 Memories Image Sheet
  • Objects to include (see below)

Collect items that were part of 2020 for your family. You might include…

  • Printed photos of your child from 2020
  • Printed screenshots of online calls with family members and friends
  • Information about each family member - How old are they? How tall? What are their favourite toys, foods, books, games and TV shows from the year? What is an important memory of 2020?
  • Your child’s handprints or footprints
  • A drawing by your child of things that happened in 2020
  • Newspaper articles about lockdowns or Covid-19 cases
  • Items the children may not remember but you will — a roll of toilet paper, a small bottle of hand sanitiser, a disposable mask, the words to your favourite “wash your hands” song
  • A note from you with your reflections from the year. What’s harder than before? Easier? What are you looking forward to doing together when the pandemic is over?

Store your time capsule somewhere safe where it will be protected from water damage or fluctuations in temperatures.

As well as being a great craft to keep kids busy, creating a 2020 time capsule will be a great way for them to remember this historic time in years to come.

Download 2020 Memories Image Sheet

At Goodstart we’re not for profit, so we can do more for children. 

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