Transitioning Rooms Early Learning | Goodstart

    Transitioning rooms

    Each centre’s rooms cater for different ages and levels of development.

    When children are the right age and your Centre Director feels they have developed sufficiently, they are “transitioned” or moved to the next room.

    Our staff are very good at ensuring a smooth move between rooms and work closely with other early learning professionals and parents during the process. Transitioning between rooms is an important part of growing up and most children become very excited about moving on up!

    Transitioning considerations

    By the time your child is ready to transition, your centre will have taken steps to ensure the process is as easy as possible.
    • Skill level: The groundwork for transition is laid early while your child is in their current room. Certain basic skills need to be learned before a move is possible and safe, so we make very sure your child is fully equipped to make the transition with as little disruption as possible.
    • Assessment and co-operation: We’ll assess your child’s readiness to transition based on their social and emotional development. They will then let you know when they think your child is ready to transition to the next room (when a space is available). But first we’ll discuss the move with you and make the decision together as to whether or not your child is ready.

    Transition process

    Some children need a little more time than others to transition. This is completely normal. Every child is unique and our staff will ensure your child gets as much time as he or she needs to successfully transition.

    Transition itself takes place in stages. Your child will ‘visit’ the new room for small but increasing amounts of time. We’ll continue to communicate with you regularly to ensure you are fully aware of your child’s progress.