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Pay and allowances at Goodstart

Pay and allowances at Goodstart

We pay above-industry award rates.

Pay increases as you acquire more skills and take on more responsibility.

Our Enterprise Agreement was approved by the Fair Work Commission and covers our centre employees to 2019 so you can be confident our pay and conditions are locked in.

Extra allowances: We believe extra responsibility should be rewarded. So we offer additional allowances for our nominated educational leaders, teacher mentors, and those centre directors who are also the nominated teacher.

Comprehensive leave entitlements: Childcare and early learning is demanding work. We give our people time to relax and additional support when personal commitments crop up. In additional to annual leave, Goodstart offers a broad range of paid leave entitlements including:

  • Personal / Carer’s Leave

  • Compassionate Leave

  • Community Service Leave

  • Ceremonial leave

  • Domestic Violence Leave

You may also be eligible for other types of leave, such as parental leave, study leave and leave without pay.