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Goodstart Indooroopilly York Street

Culturally vibrant, focusing on community and sustainability.

We are located on the lands of the Turrbal and Yuggara peoples.
45-49 York Street, INDOOROOPILLY, 4068, QLD
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6:00am to 6:00pm, Monday to Friday

Open every weekday of the year, except public holidays

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  • Nursery
  • Toddler
  • Kindergarten

About our centre

Welcome to Goodstart Early Learning Indooroopilly - York Street.

Our vibrant centre celebrates over 32 cultures with fun learning, like gardening to teach sustainability and community activities, making kids active, caring and society-minded.

Goodstart Early Learning Indooroopilly York Street is located in a residential area, close to the train station as well as schools, shops and community facilities.

We are a homely and welcoming place for your child to attend with a great multicultural community with more than 32 cultures and languages across 110 families and staff. Our staff are able to share their language skills with the children.

If your family values community and inclusion, our Family Services team can check what's available at Goodstart Indooroopilly - York Street for you. Enter your contact details below, and we'll call you and tell you what's available. 

Learn more about Goodstart Indooroopilly - York Street

  • At  Goodstart Indooroopilly - York Street we believe in fostering a love of learning from an early age. Our curriculum is designed to cater to each child's individual needs, promoting cognitive, social, and emotional development through play-based learning activities. 

  • Our team of experienced and dedicated educators is committed to creating a safe, inclusive, and stimulating environment for children. With a focus on building strong, positive relationships, we go out of our way to see your child feel valued and supported every day.

  • Safety is our top priority and we look after our centres. They're intentionally designed to make the best use of our early learning resources and our settings are enriching and engaging. From spacious outdoor play areas to well-appointed learning spaces, we'll have many things that meet your child's interests and individual needs. 

  • If your child attends childcare with us, they can stay with us until they start school. At Goodstart Indooroopilly - York Street we offer a government-assessed and approved kindergarten program. This curriculum is designed as a part of the Australian government's early years learning framework and it's delivered by bachelor-qualified early childhood teachers. This early education program applies across the country with school readiness in mind.  

  • At Goodstart, we believe all children deserve the best possible start in life, and that includes access to high-quality early childhood education and care.
    We offer: 

    • Discounts on multiple days 

    • All day sessions 

    • Discounted shorter sessions 

    • Discounts on combined Before School and After School Care (applicable centres only) 

    • Fee assistance programs for families 

  • Children need to feel safe and supported to learn and grow, so we promote Key Educator relationships between our educators and children. Your child will have at least one Key Educator who takes them under their wing and really gets to know them. We keep families informed with regular updates on their child's progress and we welcome family involvement in our centre events and activities.  

  • See what makes  Goodstart Indooroopilly - York Street the perfect choice for your family and book a tour to schedule a personalised centre visit.  

Our educators are well-qualified with most staff either holding or studying towards their Diploma in Children’s Services or higher. We also have 2 Early Childhood Teachers who run our Kindergarten program and Pre-kindergarten room. 

We have strong relationships with the local primary schools and we are focused on ensuring the children are ready to take that all important step up to school.

Nursery to Kindergarten are set up in line with an Early Years Learning Framework or the Queensland Kindergarten Guidelines with play-based learning opportunities.  Our experiences are based on the children’s interests, abilities and needs.

Our Storypark platform enables us to stay in close contact with parents and their families, ensuring open and clear communication.

Outside we have a grand playground with natural play spaces and equipment which are geared to enhance the children’s awareness of their surrounds and the greater environment. We are passionate about teaching the children the importance of sustainability.  Our gardens are filled with edible plants, fruits and vegetables to enable children to learn about caring for the environment.  An extra bonus is that the children love to watch the trains go past every day, which provides lots of spontaneous opportunities for learning.

A major focus for our centre is how working with the broader community can help us enrich the children’s learning experience. Through visits to the centre as well as excursions and participation in community events, we are able to deepen the relationship between the centre and the community, while teaching the children about being a contributing and active member of society.

We warmly welcome new families, so please stop by! We would love to find out how we can support you and your child on their pathway to lifelong learning.

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Isobel Steward

Centre Director

Hello! My name is Isobel and I am the centre director at Goodstart Indooroopilly York Street.

I have been with Goodstart since 2018 and I have worked in early childhood education for over 10 years in various roles in Australia and the UK. I became the centre director of a Goodstart centre in regional NSW in 2020 until I moved to Brisbane in 2021, taking up my position at Goodstart Indooroopilly York Street. I hold an undergraduate degree in childhood studies from Aberystwyth University and a postgraduate diploma in early years teaching from Manchester Metropolitan University. I am currently studying a Bachelor of Education (0-5) at Charles Sturt University. 

As a centre director, I believe in the importance of advocating for children through high quality teaching and learning practices and delivering the best outcomes for children. I have always been passionate about working with children and I am committed to ensuring children are encouraged to grow and learn in a safe and inclusive environment that reflects their strengths, abilities and interests. 

We invite you to come and visit our centre and meet our wonderful team. We look forward to meeting you and we can’t wait to give your child the best possible start to their early learning journey.

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