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Great teachers have never been more important

Great teachers have never been more important

Goodstart employs over 1,000 teachers nationwide, with over 900 of those in designated teacher roles in our kindergarten and preschool rooms.

Since we started operations in 2010 after the collapse of ABC Learning, our focus has been on transforming quality across our 650 centres by growing our team of talented teachers.

Professional early learning teachers and educators have been central to raising our quality standards, which are now well above sector averages - nationally, more than 92% of our centres assessed in 2016/17 were rated as meeting the national quality standard and 43% rated as exceeding.

Why we invest so much in teachers
The reason we place so much emphasis in the quality of our teachers is simple: it’s because we know how much difference high quality early learning makes to a child’s school outcomes, even with as little as one year of preschool or kindergarten.

The evidence for this is clear. But perhaps the biggest driver of our investment is that we know it takes a highly skilled and engaged practitioner to deliver the learning, development and wellbeing outcomes our children and families deserve and expect.

We invest heavily in professional development of our teachers and educators, with over $18 million in training, professional development, early learning support and research in the last financial year and $89 million since 2011.

From early learning pedagogy, to people management, family and community connections and business skills courses, our teachers have all the professional support they need to do the best work of their life.

In addition, we sponsor over 120 educators who are studying to become teachers with dedicated study leave and practical time, and teachers and centre directors are also supported with networking and professional development opportunities.

Why quality teachers are so important right now
Too many Australian children are starting school developmentally vulnerable, and children that start school behind tend to stay behind.

Right now, one in five Australian children are starting school vulnerable in at least one developmental domain. But attending high quality early learning halves the chances of this happening, highlighting the important role of teachers.

We’re recruiting for teachers!
Working with Goodstart is really rewarding – we reinvest into our teachers’ professional development so you can do your best work. From secondments and study tours to specialist training, we’ll give you the skills and knowledge to fulfil your potential and make a difference in ways that really matter.

If you’re looking to take a new and exciting step forward in your teaching career, we’d love to hear from you. Find out more about working for Goodstart here.


Posted by Goodstart
15 January 2018

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