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Goodstart’s Teacher Professional Program: Empowering Early Childhood Teachers for Career Success

Teachers are central to the development and delivery of Goodstart’s quality early learning programs and their role is enriching, rewarding, at times complex, challenging and always dynamic.

Careers and employment

Teachers are central to the development and delivery of Goodstart’s quality early learning programs and their role is enriching, rewarding, at times complex, challenging and always dynamic.

“Teachers are a very valuable part of our Early Childhood Education and Care workforce. Our sector is a valuable career opportunity for early childhood teachers,” explains Meg Parnell, National Lead of Pedagogical Leadership at Goodstart.

“At Goodstart, we want to ensure all our teachers have access to professional development support programs that are traditionally available in schools - which is why we have the Teacher Professional Program.”

Teachers at Goodstart have access to the Teacher Professional Program (TPP) which responds to their career stage needs with tailored support. Every new teacher is automatically invited into the TPP.

Teacher Professional Program, supports teachers in designing high-quality early learning programs

Goodstart Teacher Professional Program Induction

“When a teacher starts at Goodstart, they are offered a six-month induction program that is led by TPP managers in their state and territory,” says Parnell.

The induction program is tailored to the teacher’s individual career stage and needs and delivered in conjunction with the Centre Director.

Gaining registration to the Teacher Professional Program

For teachers who’d like to become registered with their state-based Education boards, Goodstart can provide mentoring support to transition from provisional to full teacher registration.

“This program is tailored to each state and territory’s legislation requirements,” adds Parnell.

Ongoing professional development

In support of registration requirements, ongoing professional development is available to any teacher employed as an Early Childhood Teacher.

“Whether you’re a Centre Director, in the nursery or toddler rooms, or in the preschool space, tailored to your career journey, there are 16 hours of professional development available for all teachers at any stage of their career,” says Parnell.

“We also provide funded backfill, so while you are on non-contact time, another teacher will cover for you.”

How Teachers can draw down support

Teachers can request mentoring or a support visit from a TPP manager.

“The TPP manager will observe your practice in the classroom and provide feedback and support for you in a mentoring relationship,” explains Parnell.

This is a centre-led process where the teacher decides what and when they need this support.

Practice and Inclusion Help Desk

“We also have a Practice and Inclusion help desk that is available to all of our educators, and particularly, our teachers,” says Parnell.

Staff can request support through a messaging service, a phone call or an e-mail.

“They can also request a mentoring support visit through that channel if they decide that’s what they would benefit from,” Parnell adds.

“The support isn’t only from our TPP managers or mentors, there are coaches, Practice Partners and mentor support teams in centres who also provide support.”

In addition, there is online support, which all staff are invited to, that contain access to resources, professional development links and access to the TPP team.

“Every teacher at Goodstart has access to this suite of support,” Parnell highlights.

“It’s a real distinction that Goodstart, as a national organisation, can provide.”


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