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Goodstart strengthens its visitor management

Knowing who is allowed in centres is key to keeping children safe. In 2022 Goodstart rolled out a new digital visitor management system in all our centres to strengthen our ability to safeguard children from abuse, neglect and harm.

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Our visitor management system strengthens our approach to safeguarding children by allowing us to centrally track and manage visitors to all our centres. 

It provides assurance to centre teams that visitors coming on site have all the required certifications including working with children checks and safety training. The system also provides a centralised way to block entry to people who are not authorised to enter a Goodstart centre nationally. 

Goodstart’s Chief Safety Officer Matthew Little said the introduction of the new digital visitor management system, was one of many assurance initiatives introduced over the past two years as part of its organisation-wide commitment to being a child safe organisation. 

“Being a child safe organisation means doing more than the minimum regulatory requirements. That’s why, although the National Principles for Child Safe Organisations aren’t currently mandatory in every state and territory, we are committed to implementing them in every Goodstart centre.

“At Goodstart, we’re focused on ensuring at all times, that we have a planned and intentional approach to safety and safeguarding children. Ensuring that only safe people are entering our centres is a non-negotiable. The latest introduction of our visitor management system is just one of a number of strategies in place to safeguard children from abuse, neglect and harm.”

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