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Careers and employment

At Goodstart, our mission is to give children the best start to life through inspiring early learning experiences. And it’s our people who make this happen. As a not-for-profit organisation, we invest in our teams to help them grow personally and professionally - from competitive pay and flexible work options to ongoing development and annual awards. Here, five of our Goodstarters share their thoughts on why we’re a great place to work. 

Flexibility and support

Tammy O’Hare, Teacher and Educational Coordinator, Goodstart Perth Kaadidjiny Maya
(part of the Goodstart family since 2009):
“Goodstart has always accommodated my family’s needs. When my children were little, I was able to work split shifts. That kind of flexibility made me feel valued. And if I ever need a day off, it’s not an issue. I know Goodstart considers my health and wellbeing as important as the children’s. But I have so much fun at the centre, I don’t need to take a day off too often!
“I transitioned from a provisional to fully registered Teacher through the Goodstart Professional Teachers program. This gave me the best start to my career as a Teacher, and I was supported by my mentor and the Teacher Coordinator every step of the way. They helped me set goals and regularly checked in with me. I also got to network with Teachers at other Goodstart centres. Having so much support lets you know you’re not alone. Goodstart gives you the confidence to take that next step in your career.”

Get paid more

Adam Angwin, Area Manager - Central Coast, NSW part of the Goodstart family since 2011):
“Goodstart recognises the value our Educators bring by paying 3% above the award rate (this will increase to 5% by 2024). That does make a huge difference for our team members. For Centre Directors, the remuneration is 10% above the award, and our Teachers receive a wage similar to primary school teachers. There are also performance-based bonuses for Centre Directors and Area Managers.
“There’s a deep understanding of work-life balance, so it’s a very flexible working environment. We get four weeks of annual leave a year, and there are additional leave purchase options if you’re thinking of an extended holiday. And if you’ve got children, you can access generous childcare fee discounts.”

Work and study options

Asuka Kirby, Assistant Educator, Goodstart Stafford (part of the Goodstart family since 2010):
“Goodstart is very flexible and has always supported my professional development. Being able to work and study at the same time has been wonderful for me and my family. I’ve been able to complete my Certificate III and Diploma in Early Childhood Education. Even during COVID-19, which has been a tough time for everybody, the organisation has always given me opportunities to gain more skills and knowledge. If you voice an interest in developing in a certain area, they will make it happen.”

Stay well, be happy

Paige Fisher, Trainee at Goodstart Ingle Farm (part of the Goodstart family since 2020):
“We get two wellbeing days a year. So, if you need a day to recharge and look after your mental health, Goodstart is super understanding of that. You have that support, so you never feel overwhelmed.
“Our Centre Director is amazing. She makes sure we have time for floor preparation, curriculum planning and child observations, which means we don’t have to do that work at home. We get a lot of guidance from our Educational Leaders, too, so we’re always learning.
“I also really appreciate the funding our centres receive. It’s something that benefits the children and us as Educators. Recently, we had funding to buy new furniture and upgrade the yard. We spruced up our outdoor area with new plants and bark chips - it was a lot of fun, and makes us feel proud of our centre.”

Recognition and rewards

Maria Baron Ramirez, Educational Leader, Goodstart Nightcliff (part of the Goodstart family since 2016):
“I do feel that Goodstart values us as people and professionals. Being named the CEO’s Goodstarter of the Year for SA/NT in 2021 was very rewarding for me. I felt like it was recognition for all the work I’ve done over the years. And when one person wins an award, we all win. It’s nice to be part of an organisation that appreciates us and recognises our work.”
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