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Planning the key to quality early learning

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Everything we do at Goodstart Early Learning is about putting children first. We have a unique approach to the way we work, which is based on our Goodstart Practice Guide and its ISTEP framework.

The Guide is used by every educator in every centre throughout Australia, although the way in each implements the practices and applies the ISTEP framework, will be unique to their local context, and the children and families in their centre.

ISTEP is a framework which helps our educators plan and observe their daily practices. There are five components, each crucial to early learning outcomes:
  • Interactions and relationships
  • Space, resources and materials
  • Time, routines and rituals
  • Experiences for learning
  • Planning, documentation and evaluation
This is the last in a series of articles which discusses each ISTEP component. Today we’ll be discussing how our educators plan, document and evaluate your child’s learning experiences.

Maximising learning opportunities for your child

The fifth part of the ISTEP guide is about planning, documentation and evaluation. At Goodstart, our educators organise and intentionally plan the learning environment including their interactions, space, time and experiences to increase the opportunities for learning.

They also ensure all children have the learning, development and wellbeing outcomes they need for school and life. All children’s unique skills and abilities are taken in to account and all children are included.

Letting you know how your child is learning

We know you’ll want detailed information about your child’s progress.  We’ll gather information on your child’s experiences through notes, pictures and videos and provide regular updates of your child’s learning journey.  Most of our centres can do this online through the StoryPark platform. 

We can also give you ideas on how to support your child’s learning at home. Together we will help build your child’s learning, development and wellbeing.
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