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Ready to take your career in an inspiring new direction?

Here’s why Goodstart may be the place for you!

Are you working in aged care or hospitality and ready for a career change? Searching for a meaningful purpose and a team that welcomes you? At Goodstart Early Learning, every day is your opportunity to improve the lives and futures of Australia’s children. Read on as our team members reveal why making the switch to early childhood education may be the best decision you make.

Careers and employment

Put your skills to meaningful use

Emily Ritchie, Assistant Educator, Goodstart Myaree, Western Australia
(part of the Goodstart family since 2019):

“I would 100% recommend Goodstart to anyone interested in a career in early learning. I was a qualified chef and had always had a passion for food. But after a few months as Centre Cook at Goodstart Carlisle, I realised my real passion was for children and their educational outcomes.

“What I love the most about being an Educator is getting to bond with each child and creating positive relationships with families. You need empathy and the ability to listen and communicate well. People in aged care and hospitality need to be able to do that, too, but at Goodstart, you’re using these skills to help give children the best start to life.

“Some days can be challenging, but we get through as a team, and seeing that difference you make in a child’s life makes it all worth it. It’s a very rewarding career.”

Share your knowledge with young learners 

Melissa Carr, Assistant Educator, Goodstart Ballajurra, Western Australia
(part of the Goodstart family since 2011):

“If you want to put more purpose in your life and have a lot of love and care to give, I think Goodstart would be a great career change for you. No doubt if you’re in hospitality or aged care, you’re already an understanding, compassionate and caring person with a great work ethic. What wonderful qualities to share with children in their early years!

“Young children are such open books. They’re ready to learn and be filled with knowledge. So, if you’ve got a bit more life experience, travelled overseas and learnt about different cultures, or had an interesting career, you’ve got a lot of knowledge to share. Why not pass that on to the next generation?

“At Goodstart, there’s a real opportunity to teach and positively contribute to the next generation. They’re the ones who’ll be taking care of us one day! So, let’s help give them the best start to life.” 

Be respected for your contribution

Brendan Webb, Assistant Educator, Goodstart Hobart West
(part of the Goodstart family since 2019):

“For people wanting to explore a career outside of aged care or hospitality, I think early education can be a rewarding experience. You’re teaching children and imparting your knowledge, which is quite a powerful thing to do. You’re also creating educational experiences based on children’s interests, which means you learn something new every day, too. 

“Being an Educator is also about those spontaneous moments and one-to-one interactions. You develop really lovely relationships with the children and their families, and you become an important part of their lives. It’s so rewarding to see the children grow and become more confident learners, knowing you’ve played a part in their development. 

“I also think it’s great to have Educators with a bit more life and career experience. It helps make our Centres more diverse. Different people bring different perspectives, ideas and knowledge. That enables us to create new and even more meaningful learning experiences for children and helps us as Educators to grow personally and professionally, too.

“I encourage anyone thinking about switching careers to explore a role at Goodstart. You have a lot of value to bring to the table, and Goodstart will respect you for your contribution.”

A career that changes lives. A place that values you. Discover your incredible career opportunity at Goodstart Early Learning today.

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