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We are committed to embedding evidenced-based, best practice research in the planning and delivery of our high quality early learning and care programs.
Since 2010, we have invested resources to help improve Australia’s evidence base for early childhood practice.
We partner with universities on research projects that will add to the early learning body of evidence, benefiting Goodstart, our families, children and staff and the wider early learning sector.
Read about some of the current research underway that Goodstart has commissioned, funded or provided in-kind support to. These include two Australian Research Linkage Projects.

Australian Research Linkage Projects

What’s best for my child? | University of Sydney

A four year research study is underway with the University of Sydney to explore parents’ understanding of early learning and childcare quality, and how these understandings contribute to childcare choice. The project will inform the Australia Government’s policy directive of giving children the best start in life and support parents’ capacity to make choices that they consider are best for their child. This is an Australian Research Council Linkage project.

Fenech, Marianne. Building parents' understandings of early learning and quality early childhood education and care [online]. Every Child, Vol. 23, No. 1, 2017: 22-23. Availability: <;dn=674400205944888;res=IELHSS> ISSN: 1322-0659. [cited 20 Mar 17].

Identifying effective strategies to grow and sustain a professional years workforce | Queensland University of Technology

This Australian Research Council Linkage project being undertaken by the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) in partnership with Goodstart is identifying the factors underlying positive and sustained engagement in the early learning and care sector workforce from the perspective of sector workers. It aims to assess the strategies that will best meet the goals of the sector and the national interest in building and sustaining a qualified sector workforce. Initial findings from the study are available here.

Irvine, S., Thorpe, K., McDonald, P., Lunn, J., & Sumsion, J., (2016, May). Money, Love and Identity: Initial findings from the National ECEC Workforce Study. Summary report from the national ECEC Workforce Development Policy Workshop, Brisbane, Queensland: QUT.

This research features a completed Masters thesis by Goodstart Early Learning Consultant Sharon McKinlay, available here.

Major commissioned and collaborative research

Goodstart Practice Guide Evaluation | University of Wollongong
University of Wollongong is evaluating change in environmental and pedagogical quality as a result of Goodstart’s implementation of the Goodstart Practice Guide (comprising evidence-informed practice to support Goodstart educators in early learning planning, delivery and evaluation).

Professional Development in prior to school settings: technology integration through practitioner inquiry projects | Charles Sturt University
A six-month study with CSU is examining teacher’s perceptions of professional development and practitioner inquiry in developing skills to effectively use technology in prior to school contexts.

Pathways to Excellence | Charles Sturt University
Five NSW Exceeding Centres (ACECQA) are participating in this three-year research project to further improve pedagogical practices and to document and share learnings with other services within Goodstart’s network and wider sector. It involves educators and researchers engaging in collaborative, sustained, deep and critical reflection within broad themes of interactions, space and experiences.

Researching Effective Early Learning | University of Wollongong
This two year study with the University of Wollongong is focused on enhancing child development through providing sustainable and effective professional development.