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Enjoying the great outdoors at preschool

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Corinne’s 4-year-old son Jack loves the outdoors, so all the outdoor learning space at Goodstart Bakewell in the Northern Territory and the team of educators has made both Jack and Corinne very happy. Jack is now going to preschool there five days a week, and loves it.
“The centre is amazing”, Corinne said. “There’s so much room to run around outside. He hated attending daycare, but loves Goodstart.
“He comes home and tells me about what he’s learned that day”.
Corinne and Jack visited the centre a number of times before enrolling, to make sure it was the right place for them. Jack liked it from the start, and Corinne was impressed with the team.
“The Educator was really enthusiastic,” Corinne said. “You could tell she had the children’s best interests at heart.
“It makes it easier to leave your children there when you know the team actually cares about them.
“It’s very welcoming. As soon as you walk in the door someone greets you by name and says hello, then at the end of the day everyone says goodbye to Jack.”
What began as a three-day-a-week arrangement soon turned into five, which gave Corinne the opportunity to re-enter the workforce.
“To start with I enrolled Jack for three days a week while I was looking for work. But there was room to put him in for five days if I needed - this flexibility helped me find a job”.
Neither Corinne nor Jack have looked back. Corinne now works five days a week part time, knowing that Jack is happy and well taken care of until she can collect him.
Jack has thrived in the supportive and nurturing environment. His speech and social skills have progressed, and he is more confident and better prepared for school.
“I would definitely recommend Goodstart. Jack wasn’t quite ready for school so having an extra year in early learning has been good for him,” Corinne said.
Why Goodstart Preschool?
  • Play-based learning programs based on the Early Years Learning Framework and designed and delivered by Bachelor-qualified teachers
  • Individualised care and education, recognising each child’s unique learning journey
  • Flexibility for families with longer hours, five days a week
  • More opportunity for children to learn, build relationships, and prepare for school
  • Added extras to make life easier, like meals, extra-curricular activities, and hats and water bottles

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