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Kindergarten & Preschool at Goodstart

At Goodstart we offer Kindergarten and Preschool programs that give your family greater flexibility and convenience if and when it is needed. We are confident that our qualified teachers will provide tailored early learning programs that nurture your child's individual needs and interests. With Goodstart, your child can get ready for school and life.

  • Harsh


    "The educators instill values and ethics in children like respect, community participation, confidence, environmental awareness, safety precautions, leadership skills and so on read more . Additionally, celebrations like Moon festival, Diwali, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Family Fun Day makes us feel part of Goodstart family. It's also a nice way for kids to learn about different cultures and their traditions. I think you are doing a commendable job as a centre director and deserve a Big Thank You."

  • Charmane


    "Our son has been attending Goodstart Moulden for 4 months now and I love this place and so does he. We have seen many improvements in our son since enrolment. As a mum that read more suffers from post-natal anxiety, I really appreciate the staff being nice and caring and nothing is ever too much. The staff are very supportive of every need whether it be sleep/routine/food etc. The director and all staff are very friendly and approachable. Thank you to the team at Goodstart Moulden for everything – highly recommend."

  • Geoffrey


    "My son loves Goodstart Moulden. He has been going for almost a year and his growth and development is always amazing to see at home. He has developed bonds with children and read more staff. He is happy to go in the mornings. And he loves all the exploring he can do in the outdoor areas. The director is fantastic and the staff are amazing."

  • Darryl


    "It's a hard decision picking what childcare will be best, but I made the right decision to go with Goodstart Moulden. The staff are amazing from the front office right through read more to the educators. My girl was only 6months when she started and she is always so excited to go and see her friends (the nursery staff always discuss everything with you - they really feel like family). The activities, the food and the facility are all so good. I recommend this centre to anyone wanting a fun safe and secure environment for you kids."

  • Melisa


    "I’m so grateful for the care and education you provided for my girls. They have kicked massive goals and I have watched their development excel. Many thanks to Linda for read more all her support and for the excellent customer service. It is evident through the delivery of her work that she has genuine passion for what she does and does it wholeheartedly. Thanks to the three-year-old kinder and kinder teachers for their ongoing support in the growth and development of the girls. I can surely say that putting them into Goodstart was the best decision I could’ve made for them. "

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