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We’re for play being the foundation on which all learning happens.

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From birth, children are starting to develop and learn.

At Goodstart, we’re all about laying the foundation for a lifelong love of learning through inspiring experiences. 

We work hard to foster and encourage a sense of inquiry, curiosity and wonder for all our children. From nursery through to kindergarten and preschool.

We focus on the importance of early communication and language encouraging children to take risks in a safe environment to build confidence and self-belief. We can do it!

We’re here to help your child grow, develop and learn through intentional and inspiring playful teaching and learning experiences.

Play is our favourite word

Play is how children learn, figure things out, explore, make mistakes and try again. 

It’s how they make sense of their world and the world around them. 

It’s the teaching ground for negotiation, resilience and friendship. 

We offer an evidence-informed play-based learning program across every single one of our 665 centres nationwide.

We’re for providing the best possible learning and care

Our practice is informed by the latest international evidence and research ensuring all children at Goodstart are receiving enriching experiences to support their educational journey into and through school and equip them with the attributes and skills to navigate an ever-changing world.

In our centre support office, we have a dedicated team leading practice and quality nationally, and working closely with centres to constantly improve, evolve and innovate around the learning experiences we provide to children in (and out) of our centres.

All our centres use the “Environmental Rating Scales”, which are international evidence based tools used to improve our environments and teaching practices.

Within our centres, 96% meet or exceed the National Quality Standards, well above the sector average. 

We’re proud to share that 231 of our centres have been assessed as Exceeding the standard, including 53 that have achieved the remarkable outcome of exceeding on all seven quality areas. We have two centres which have been awarded the sought after rating of Excellence, of which there are only 42 centres across Australia with the amazing accolade.

We’re for not letting anything get in the way of children’s learning

Early learning never stops! Even throughout a global pandemic, we put children first. Because we’re for children. Not for profit.

We know the learning that happens in the first five years sets a child up for life and when the world went into lockdown we knew we could not idly stand by. 

Centre teams adapted quickly offering daily online at-home ‘lessons’ for children (10,000 per week across our centres in the peak of COVID-19), and even dropping off at-home learning packs to children in lockdown in Victoria to ensure nothing stopped children playing and learning.

Our Goodstart experts also came together and developed Goodstart at Home, an online collection of fun and enriching at-home learning activities for families. 

More than 26,000 families subscribed to Goodstart at Home, engaging in lessons created by our experts and aligning with the Government’s Early Years Learning Framework. 

We also sent printed Goodstart at Home activity books to children in Victoria to make sure that those who didn’t have access to a computer or the internet could still continue their learning.

At Goodstart Early Learning – every child’s learning and development is central to everything we do.

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