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Purpose and opportunity makes for fulfilling careers

Purpose and opportunity makes for fulfilling careers

Working in early learning is a fulfilling career choice, especially when you’re in a supportive environment and surrounded by people with a shared purpose.

That was the message from our centre directors and educators when we asked what they valued most about working in ECEC at Goodstart, with consistent themes emerging around outcomes for children, career development opportunities and the importance of the first five years.

Here’s what we learned…

Working in the first five years is so rewarding
“With all the research around children's brain development, I love knowing that I am helping to really shape young children's minds and giving them the skills that will set them up for success later in life, there is no greater reward than knowing that you have inspired a child to have a lifelong love of learning. We have the opportunity to ensure that children develop holistically so that they have a strong foundation for their emotional, social, physical and mental development, which will prepare them for a lifetime,” Kirsty Brown – teacher, Goodstart East Perth

“I wholeheartedly believe that the role of the teacher is to act as a co-learner, learning alongside children. To this day, some of my biggest and most significant life lessons have come from children,” Tom Brien – teacher, Goodstart Mona Vale

“In early childhood education we are setting children up for life. The first five years are so important to build the foundation blocks for a child’s future and it is so rewarding to see them grow and develop and learn new things every day. Following their lead and supporting their investigation and exploration in their play is so important, and for me as a director being able to guide and support educators and families in doing this for their children is a very important reason for working in the sector,” Annette Denton – centre director, Goodstart Penfield

Better outcomes for all children, regardless of their circumstances
“I love that we can provide children who are vulnerable with a new experience that positively leads them to building secure relationships and a strong sense of self. Knowing you have given a child that opportunity is priceless,” Nicole Van Nistlerooy – centre director, Goodstart Salisbury North

“Our centre became a safe place for families to approach as a first step in seeking help. I’m proud to be a centre director at Goodstart and I’m proud of what we are doing for families. It takes a village to raise a child – we can make that village,” Peta Clarkson – centre director, Goodstart Kingaroy

“It’s great to work for an organisation that truly supports children and is moving forward. In high risk areas, sometimes one of the safest places for children to be is with us. It’s good to feel like we are doing important work,” Jacky McDonald – centre director, Goodstart Nambour – City View Terrace

Opportunities for professional development and career growth
“Goodstart has provided me with many opportunities to extend my professional learning. The Fitzroy Crossing secondment was an amazing experience and reignited my passion for what I do,” Kate Wojciechowski – centre director, Goodstart Morwell

“Working at Goodstart offers me so much potential – professional development, networking and real growth in my teaching and learning career. To be recognised for my day-to-day life working with children is affirming and motivates me to keep going,” Kate Anthony – teacher, Goodstart South Hurstville – Woniora Road

“Coming to work at Goodstart was the best change I’ve made in my career. Goodstart cares about me professionally, they want to see me grow and support my development. They care about me, my children and family and support the journey of continuous improvement that we are on together,” Danika Dixon – centre director, Goodstart Kingsley

A supportive environment with real values
“Being not for profit, everything we do within the centre is returned in funding and resources that the families and children benefit from. We are all here for the children, the learning environments are at a high standard and you are never alone - there is so much support and advice available for us!” Melissa Griffith – centre director, Goodstart Blakeview

“I believe in everything we do at Goodstart – children are absolutely central to everything we do. I couldn’t imagine working for another organisation, we have such a strong network. We are a world-leading early learning organisation without comparison,” Joelene Brown - centre director, Goodstart Halls Head

We’re recruiting now
If you share our vision for early learning, we’d love to hear from you. Find out more about working for Goodstart here.


Posted by Goodstart
22 January 2018

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