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TAS Goodstart Early Learning Centres

Goodstart Early Learning is a trusted provider of early learning and childcare in Tasmania. Through our early learning and childcare programs, we offer Tasmanian families the highest standard of care and education.

Childcare Tasmania

Research shows that a positive early learning environment can help children absorb information. By enrolling your child at Goodstart, you’re not just ensuring they’re well looked after – our early learning and childcare program can also enhance their learning abilities. 

All Goodstart childcare centres in Tasmania are run by compassionate early learning professionals. Rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach to childcare, we know all children develop differently. This is why our childcare program caters to diverse learning styles. 

When it comes to choosing an early learning and childcare centre, we want you to make an informed choice. Instead of basing your decision solely on a website or brochure, try taking a tour of your nearest Goodstart centre. After seeing how we operate, you’ll understand why families all over Australia choose us. 

Every Goodstart childcare program ensures children feel cared for by providing them with: 

  • Fun and stimulating learning activities
  • Toys and play equipment
  • A caring and safe environment   
  • A high standard of care and education.

Kindergarten Tasmania

Goodstart’s kindergarten program prepares children for primary school. Our qualified early learning teachers keep children engaged through play-based learning. In order to make the most of a child’s natural curiosity, we teach fundamental numeracy and literacy skills with stimulating activities. 

While assisting children’s academic development, Goodstart also focuses on their social-emotional learning. Via child-directed learning and fun group activities, children can learn how to communicate effectively. By developing their social skills, we make it easier for children to build positive relationships with both their teachers and peers.

While enrolled in Goodstart’s kindergarten program, children can:

  • Develop literacy and numeracy skills
  • Prepare for the transition to primary school 
  • Be taught by qualified early learning teachers 
  • Learn how to socialise and make friends. 

For more information about our early learning and childcare centres in Tasmania, please contact Goodstart today. We are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding our early learning and childcare programs.

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