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Early learning and childcare centres in Western Australia

Goodstart Early Learning offers early learning and childcare services throughout Western Australia. From infancy to kindergarten, our child-focused approach to early learning helps children play, learn and grow.

Childcare WA

At Goodstart, we know that high-quality care in early childhood forms the foundations children need for healthy development. We are committed to ensuring that all of our centres have an inclusive environment where every child feels comfortable and cared for. 

Our early learning and childcare centres in Western Australia offer families:  

  • Regular feedback from early learning professionals
  • Clean and safe facilities   
  • An engaging learning environment   
  • Fun play equipment and activities.

Kindergarten WA

Early learning plays an important role in a child’s confidence and abilities moving into primary school and beyond. Our kindergarten programs are designed to equip your child with abilities they can use for the rest of their lives. In accordance with the Australian Government’s National Quality Framework, the Goodstart curriculum is focused on building core literacy and numeracy skills, along with a sense of belonging in the community. 

Goodstart’s kindergarten program is delivered through a combination of child-directed learning and educator-guided sessions. It is our aim to make the transition to school easy, so your child can fulfil their potential. 

Goodstart’s kindergarten program is structured to provide children with:  

  • Play-based learning 
  • Engaging lessons provided by university-educated teachers 
  • Personalised activities to suit different interests
  • Core skill development. 

Goodstart Early Learning Perth 

It’s important to find an early learning and childcare centre that suits the needs of your family. If you live in the Perth area, you can find your nearest Goodstart childcare centre here. To find out more about our childcare services, contact Goodstart today.

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