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Early learning and childcare centres in NT

Goodstart Early Learning is a trusted provider of early learning and childcare in the Northern Territory. Every Goodstart centre promotes a nurturing and safe environment. We ensure children throughout the Territory feel supported and cared for while they play and learn.

Childcare NT

Goodstart’s dynamic early learning program gives your child the best start in life. We understand that children develop at their own pace, and each have unique talents. Rather than expecting children to reach developmental milestones at the same time, Goodstart takes a more flexible approach to early learning. 

By building on natural interests and abilities, Goodstart helps children fall in love with learning. Our community-connected centres provide a safe space where your child can develop a strong sense of identity. 

All our centres are staffed by qualified early learning professionals who work with parents to learn as much as possible about the children in their care. This allows us to build positive relationships between staff and families. 

Our childcare program gives children access to a range of facilities and provisions, including: 

  • Toys and play equipment 
  • Compassionate and qualified staff 
  • Care and education  
  • A stimulating and caring environment.

Preschool NT

The importance of preschool shouldn’t be underestimated. The year before a child starts school plays an important role in their future. Goodstart’s preschool program doesn’t just teach fundamental skills – it’s also designed to prepare children for the transition to primary school. By focusing on literacy, numeracy and social skills, we help children become happy and well-rounded individuals.  

To help children fulfil their potential, our teachers engage their classes in a range of stimulating activities. Preschool at Goodstart combines child-directed learning with group work.

The program covers a range of key learning areas, such as:

  • Social and emotional learning
  • Language and literacy
  • Basic mathematics
  • Play, dance and music.

If you have any questions about Goodstart’s early learning program in the Northern Territory, please get in touch with us today.

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