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Early learning and childcare centres in South Australia

Goodstart Early Learning is a leading provider of early learning and childcare in South Australia. We take an innovative approach to educating and caring for young children. With centres located all over the state, Goodstart offers South Australian families an easy pathway to quality early learning.

Childcare SA

Goodstart’s early learning and childcare program offers children an engaging learning experience. From walking and talking to social and emotional intelligence, Goodstart can enhance every aspect of a child’s development. We encourage children’s natural curiosity, giving them the chance to identify unique abilities and develop a strong sense of identity. 

A team of qualified early learning professionals can be found in every Goodstart childcare centre in South Australia. With their extensive training, our staff members know how to make children feel supported while they learn and play. 

We know that parents have extremely high standards when it comes to choosing childcare. If you’re looking for an innovative early learning program, every Goodstart childcare centre in South Australia offers:

  • Clean and child-friendly facilities
  • Caring and capable staff
  • Engaging activities
  • An inclusive and dynamic environment

Kindergarten SA

It may be just the beginning of a child’s educational journey, but kindergarten is vitally important. Children can enrol in kindergarten at Goodstart the year before starting primary school. By providing children with a solid foundation of knowledge, our kindergarten program is designed to prepare them for ‘big school’. This can make the transition to structured learning much more comfortable. 

Not sure why kindergarten is so important? Children’s brains develop rapidly during the first five years of their life, allowing them to pick up new skills very quickly. To make the most of these years, it’s crucial to provide children with a stimulating environment. 

Goodstart’s kindergarten program can help children enjoy learning by providing them with:

  • Fun and educational physical activities
  • Qualified early learning teachers
  • Child-directed learning and group work
  • Essential literacy and numeracy skills. 

To discover if Goodstart is the right fit for your child, we recommend taking a tour of your nearest childcare centre. Or for more information, simply contact us today.

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