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  • Advocacy at Goodstart

Goodstart is committed to advocating on behalf of children and explaining the importance of quality early learning.

As a not-for-profit social enterprise, we exist purely to improve the lives of children and their families.

We are working with others in the early learning and care sector to highlight important issues and to emphasise - to Governments around the nation, to business and to the broader community - the value of quality early learning to children, their families and the country.

Every day across the nation thousands of Goodstart educators work with children from almost 60,000 Australian families to provide quality early learning. That experience, the views of our families, international best practice and research all help inform our advocacy efforts.

Over the last few years Goodstart has provided detailed analysis, reports, research, national surveys and polls to better inform inquiries into the childcare sector and proposed Government legislation.

What are we advocating for?

Our key advocacy priorities are to ensure:

  • Additional investment in early learning to ensure the quality and affordability of early childhood learning and care
  • Reform to government payment mechanisms to ensure the sustainability of quality and affordability of quality early childhood learning and care
  • Maximising access to early learning and support services for children who are vulnerable and their families, particularly indigenous families, through increased investment, additional services and service delivery reform and innovation
  • Recognising early learning and care is an influential feature of Australian work and family policy context and service delivery and can be utilised to achieve social and economic benefits for children, families and the nation
  • Regulatory and funding arrangements that promote and facilitate high quality early childhood learning and care, including specifically in Goodstart Early Learning Centres
  • Enhancing the professional identity and remuneration of the early childhood workforce

What are we doing to meet these goals?

As part of our commitment to advocacy, in the past few years Goodstart has been heavily involved in a range of inquiries and reports including:

Response to the Federal Government’s Jobs for Families childcare package:

Productivity Commission Inquiry and 2015 Federal Budget Response

  • Helped inform the final Terms of Reference for the PC Inquiry
  • Made two comprehensive submissions to the PC.  Read the full Productivity Commission report released Febuary 2015
  • Attended public hearings and multiple sessions with the PC and officials drawing on Goodstart analysis of family impacts, commercial impacts and sector wide impacts of possible reform options
  • Provided detailed analysis and policy briefings about the impacts, risks and opportunities associated with the PC reports and budget responses.

National Quality Framework Review:

  • Provided two comprehensive submissions to the Review which included a state by state review of the likely impact on each jurisdiction
  • Continue to strongly support the implementation of the NQF.

Universal Access National Partnership Review and Extension:

  • Goodstart continues to advocate for long term sustainable funding for preschool, we want to ensure that all children accessing kindergarten or preschool in a Long Day Care setting receive a fair share of Universal Acccess funding.

What is Goodstart doing to support the needs of vulnerable children?

Vulnerable children are at the forefront of our advocacy efforts.

  • We have vigorously advocated for improved access and support for vulnerable children through the development of the Federal Government’s childcare package.
  • At a State and local level our people are strongly advocating for the needs of vulnerable children.
  • We are working to improve the evidence base in the area through our extensive research partnerships across the country.

Like to know more?

Keep an eye on the News & Advice section, our media centre and the Smart Start website to keep up to date with our Advocacy campaigns.

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