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We're for... keeping everyone safe

We're for leading the way on safety and hygiene.

We’ve always had a focus on safety, hygiene and well-being at Goodstart but 2020 has seen us take our approach to a whole new level.

Led by a national team of health, safety and well-being experts, who share their vast knowledge and experience with our centre teams right across the nation, Goodstart has set the benchmark for safe practice in our centres during the pandemic.

We’ve reassessed absolutely everything we do including how and when we clean; how our centre teams have worked with children and interacted with families. At certain times we’ve changed our pick up and drop off rules; implemented temperature checks; banned all visitors from entering our centres and changed the way children and educators move through our centres.

We’ve also provided regular updates for families; offered expert webinars where health officials answered questions from worried parents and worked hard to keep our teams informed with the very best advice.

Over the last few months, we have provided around 1.26 million individual gloves to our 671 centres nation-wide with another 13.73 million on their way. We’ve provided 300,000 disposable and 30,000 reusable face masks and close to 20,000 litres of hand sanitiser.

We're for continuing to keep our children and people safe

Many of our new COVID safe practices will stay in place.

It’s the very least we can do to make sure everyone stays safe in our centres – whether they’re our employees or your children.

Of course, safety goes beyond being COVID safe and providing learning environments that limit the potential for injury – we create fun, interesting learning environments with plenty of natural play areas and outside time. We teach children how to talk about their feelings openly and encourage them to engage in behaviours that help “fill their buckets”.

And of course, where there’s play there can sometimes be incidents, but we are constantly looking for improvements to limit or eliminate the big five causes of injuries – stepping, slipping, lifting, bumping and tripping.

At Goodstart, safety, health, well-being and hygiene are more than just words – they’re a commitment we make to children in our care, their families and to each other.